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supplying you with the spirit energy & intuitive direction you need to be fully you in the world.

free events.


The energy of our free events via our near daily Wave of energy newsletter is like taking a garden hose, opening the valve and spraying the water into our garden (people who have subscribe to the newsletter). They use however much they want to the limit of what we send and move on. You only get what we send on the day specified with the technique listed in the subject line. We sometimes post free energy on our facebook page, too.



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With the potpourri and/or techniques, we take the garden hose and fill up a water cooler (30-day supply) for each energy that you ask for. Trying to anticipate the amount of supply that you need. If you feel like you have run out of the energy before the end of the 30 days, we just refill the water cooler as needed. Then you take sips or gulps of what you need, when you need it. You control how much you use and when you use and we are not involved after we fill the container(s) of energy. You tell us which energies and how many you are interested in. $5 per technique; $20 for 5.



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group meditations.


We spend 90 minutes of time sending healing energies to the people participating in the themed meditation. We feel into what is needed for the group and we supply whatever energetic techniques aligns with what is needed. This is much more focused than the potpourri or the free events. Because we are checking in with what is highest and best for all involved along with aligning with the theme of the meditation and 90 minutes of working with those energies. Cost: $20.


If you have a space and you have a group of people that would like to do one of our group meditations then please contact us for details and payment arrangements.



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spirit connection.


Spirit connection helps you to bring all parts of your being into better connection with the core of your being. Especially after having a difficult situation or emotions. Strengthens your connection with the divine, higher self, your other divine guides. Helps to strengthen intuition and any gifts that you currently have. Helps with understanding/being with your life purpose and perspective. Cost: $100.



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Working with use one on one can be a very focused process. Where we connect with your guides, look into your patterns, discuss those things that are currently in your life. We work with you and your guides to determine what is highest and best in our month-to-month work as a 3-month cycle. We choose to do a month-to-month process to have plenty of linear time for you to process whatever occurs with the energies we apply to your situation.
Cost: $320 (offering 50% discount for new customers upon request)



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#1 healing tip: sleep

At any point, any of this energy work can have major healing occur. Most energy work can require you to sleep beyond what is normal for you. And sleep is the #1 way to heal. We always encourage our clients to sleep whenever their bodies are indicating they need sleep. We choose not to limit what the divine has in store with any of our work.

our other services ...



At this time we are still building our skills and creating a format to what we do. So we are currently not offering any teaching. Though we do know that any teaching will have an apprentice like approach to it. Part of that approach will be a requirement along the lines of being a client for a year or more. (These plans aren’t finalized just yet. Just what it looks like right now). If you think you might want to be a part of this, you can become a client at any time. But we will not guarantee that the actual teaching will begin at any designated point.



home integration.


House Clearing $70

House Blessing $70

House Protection $70

House harmonizing (with land) $70

For businesses, we add an additional step for $70*
to help keep the area clear.

*Available, if wanted, to consumers. Package rate is $250

Consumers can have the package deal for $200.

Businesses can have a package deal for $250.



hospice care.


We are interested in working with hospice care based clients or family. We can help people to clear themselves for their journey after the transition and make them more comfortable while they are here. We’ve had the honor of working with some hospice patients and feel strongly connected to this work.