Being authentic

When you come from an authentic place of who you are, it allows you to connect more strongly with the divine creative spark within you. This helps to naturally pull you into a place of co-creation. Choosing to act in these ways and from this place within you may make some people uncomfortable. Other people will be attracted by the energy and will want to learn to do this themselves. Don’t give in to those that want to chain you to old outmoded conventions. BUT don’t unnecessarily rebel against conventions just to be contrary. Usually the sweet spot is finding a combination of what has been and your contribution toward finding a refinement that elevates the conventional to the exceptional.¬†ūüôā


Self love might seem to be more of an individual journey, but we think that relationship is equally important. We are not encouraging co-dependent or other forms of destructive relationships here. However, we believe that cooperation and other aspects of relationship are critically important to our journey. Independence is way too popular in this world! Interdependence has a lot more merit. So, in a world of people, many of whom are not dependable or capable of being decent in relationships, what do we do? Well, simply put, we put time, energy, and prayer into finding noble companionship that is worthy of us. And we say no to mediocre relationships other than on a casual basis or sometimes holding space for family… There is much benefit to meditation and time spent with oneself, but there is equal value spending time with another worthy being.

holding back

Find ways to honor yourself by speaking your truth. You are not doing yourself or anyone else favors by ‘putting up with things’ so long that you explode. Things can often change in surprising ways by heart to heart communication. No one wants years of baggage dumped on their heads. Additionally, it is detrimental to your health, too, to hold onto that baggage for years (one version of holding a grudge). Honor yourself and others by being willing to share your perspective. If humanity is to wake up and clear its many illusions, we must be brave.



Choosing Resonance

Reality is the filter through which actions are implemented.  The wise person plans ahead but flows with what presents itself in the time stream.  Even the greatest oracle cannot foresee how places and events will all fit together.  Instead he/she lives in the now allowing for the blessed opportunity to slide into sacred synchronicity with grace. Through this filter, reality can become a hindrance or an opportunity.  We choose whether we resonate with our now or if we struggle with our now.  When we choose good resonance, everything and everyone around us is blessed by our presence and our path becomes easier for us.  Planning and prophecy enhance living in the now when they are given an appropriate opportunity to breath in the moment.

In Gratitude

We send our love, prayers, and reiki in support of all those that marched and all those that wanted to and couldn’t. We ask you to participate as well sending your support (love, prayers, reiki, and any other energetic support). ¬†It is not important to agree or disagree or even understand exactly what they were marching for. ¬†In this way we are honoring those that feel unheard; that is what is important. ¬†We are honoring them for looking at these things, ¬†being honest with themselves, and speaking honestly from deep within. ¬†We are honoring them for sharing their truth so that something can be done. ¬†If you disagree with something that they were speaking about or have something to add, we encourage you to use a process to speak your truth as well. ¬†None of this needs to be done in a way to degrade anyone’s opinion but should be done in a spirit of peaceful dialogue. ¬†True political processes of this world are made stronger and decisions are improved when “the people” speak out to contribute to what is being considered. This process of examining where we feel unheard and inadequately supported is an important contribution to this world. ¬†I invite you to honestly examine within yourself what you need more of in this world. ¬†Then plant the seeds… do what needs to be done (in love) to cultivate the growth of what is needed in this world. ¬†It’s time for all of us to wake up!

Mitakuye Oyasin

As we all say and hear Happy New Year, a different perspective occurs to me. In the past, I hear Happy New Year and it’s about the moment we cross over or the first day of the year. Then the blessing ends, holiday over, and the idea is complete. Just like any other holiday right? Well the new year doesn’t stay new forever, but the year does last well a YEAR. So how about if we were to receive a Happy New Year as a blessing that is intended to last for the WHOLE year! I wonder what that could make happen for all of us to hold that intention for the whole year?

So Happy Blessings in this New Year and the Year to Come. May you hold in your heart all the LOVE and PEACE that we and the world needs in the following parts of the year! If you feel low during the year, connect back in with this intention for Blessings in this Year. Much love and peace to all of you in 2017!

Unconditionally loving our political leaders

Something to ponder about. With all the objections (whether legitimate issues or not)(this is not about invalidating them) to the current President Elect and his future cabinet (and all the worlds¬†politcal leaders)(whether you live in the U.S or not). Love them anyway…… This is what unconditional love is about….. loving someone regardless of who they are, what they believe…etc… Imagine what COULD change if everyone sent a burst of unconditional love to the President Elect and his future cabinet (and all the worlds leaders).

an updated Peace

(this is both an energy you can receive and something that you can support (send energy too, add prayers too, etc))
With the current state of affairs. I remind myself and those that wish to be reminded and cooperatively work together. To find that moment of time where peace can and does exist. To find ways to hold space for, reach out to or create space for or connect to the idea of peace and that peace is ‘normal’. Understanding that I would rather make many mistakes on a path to peace. Than making mistakes while trying to avoid war.
“The peace that creator intends for humanity. To help humanity to want peace more than they want war or retribution”
Peace between the genders
peace between the races
peace within humankind
peace with animal kind
peace with Mother earth
But especially
Peace within self.
A pursuit of peace does not require weapons. It does not require weapons to be gone or outlawed. It has nothing to do with violence be it physical, verbal, emotional or spiritual. Peace does not require someone to be nice to you. Peace does not require someone to get elected or pass a law. Peace is a choice that each of us can make. We can choose to hold space for others to get it. We can choose to grow in love. The only limiting factor keeping you from peace is your own choice and willingness to pursue it.