A call to heal

How we respond to events has more impact than the event itself. When there are tragic events (Las Vegas, World Trade Center, hurricane devastation), do we respond with anger, finger pointing, grief, or wanting peace? In politics when a decision is on the line for universal health care, for example: do we agree, disagree, outrage at covering people who haven’t earned it, outrage that not everyone is covered, or prayer? How each of us responds is in some ways an honest expression of how we feel. Honest expression of feelings is important. But then what? What do we choose to do after that: political action, prayer vigil, complaining, screaming, participate in violence, etc (outward expression of our response)? What else do we choose to do that is personal? Are we willing to look into ourselves and heal the part of us that is connected to the dark: internal wounds, difficult memories, misdeeds that we committed? And heal them: forgiveness, divine surrender, prayer, love, grace? This healing work is an important part of the work that my partner and I do as intuitive healers. Would you like to be part of the response to events that causes the world to change in loving ways? Let us know if we can serve you in this way. And if you don’t choose to work with us, please do your healing work in some other way. 

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